I’m Simon van Gend from the Simon van Gend Band. I’ve set myself the challenge of writing one song every week for the next 12 months.

Beck said recently in an interview that to write the good songs you have to write the bad ones too. The more you write, the more chance you have of writing a good song.

For a long time I mistakenly believed that writing songs was something that you did when a certain mood or burst of inspiration hit you, and you just had to sit around waiting for that to happen, and if it didn’t, then you had writer’s block. What I realised through my exercise of writing a song a week, which I did for 3 months a few years ago, was that writer’s block is actually just fear of making bad art. And very often that part of you that judges what you’re doing as bad is totally wrong. It’s always possible to create something, even if it’s something that internal critic is saying is bad. So, my idea here is to have a deadline, to force myself to create, even when I’m not in the mood, and to ignore that internal critic until the song is done, and then see how it stands up in the world.

Every week I’ll be sharing a new song, and by the end of it all, I’m hoping you can all help me decide which are the ones worth keeping and maybe putting on an album.

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  1. I love the process you’re embarking on and feel honoured to be a part of the journey. It’s very brave because it’s such an honest exposure.

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