Brave Stunt

The third of the pre-blog songs for your consideration. Should this be on the album? Let us know what you think.

I’ve been staring out my window
I’ve been hiding from the sun
I’ve been lurking in the shadows
But please don’t
Demand an explanation
For my cold front
It’s only preparation for my
Brave stunt
When I come out with all my signals flashing
And I crash into the world

If I could put you in a sentence
Fully of adjectives and verbs
Would you let me be the object of your
word games?
Whisper in my ear like I’m an
old flame
Come to free your mind of all its
dull pain
Say you realize you need a friend and I’ll be
right there till the end

I’ve decided to be open
To every scatter-brained idea
Let my mind be like the ocean
‘cos I know
a thing or two about the way that
love grows
let yourself be taken where the
wind blows
I read a lot of books about it
Now I’m going to shout about it

Please don’t …

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