Week 49: Sooner or later

A song about sexual frustration – I had it pretty badly in the week I wrote this, and it seemed like it was time to tackle the subject in a song. I’m always looking for things to write about that we all feel but that doesn’t get discussed much. Part of what I like about songs is it seems you’re allowed to express stuff that isn’t necessarily appropriate in most social situations, and often there’s stuff that society is uncomfortable discussing, but that we need to process somehow. Hopefully I’ve managed to help lighten someone’s load with this one. Chris the producer gave this quite a dirty treatment, which is probably appropriate for a dirty song.

49 Sooner or later
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The night is growing absurd this urge is killing the fun
You might as well be a bird I might as well be a gun
I go to bed you’re all in my head
I want to feel flesh I feel sheets instead
each creature’s goal’s to be a procreator
I’m gonna get some sooner or later

I’d probably figure it out, and find the right things to say
To bring the smile to your eyes, to make the fear go away
If only my brain was not so blood drained
If only my shame were not so ingrained
why be ashamed of being a procreator
I’m gonna get some sooner or later

It seems like some kind of cruel and and nasty natural law
The more I think she is hot, the more she finds me a bore
And then the girl that thinks I’m a hot stud
All she can hope for’s maybe a cool shrug
She’s such a cruel bitch, mother nature
I’m gonna get some, sooner or later

All I ask is for someone take me home
I don’t know why I get so all alone
When you get near me I get so greedy and my libido get’s overactive
The thing I fear’s that you’ll find me needy to you it might seem unnatractive

Now I’ve been working it out and I’ve been doing some sums
All these daughters in need and all these ravenous sons
The math is easy, it’s a no brainer
For every need, there’s a container
each creature’s goal’s to be a procreator
We all must get some sooner or later

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