Week 47: Smoke Signals

The biggest thing I’ve had to deal with when writing my songs every week has been my tendency to reject whatever I create – I’m way too critical. This can be a good thing sometimes, as it means I set the bar high, but it also tends to take the pleasure out of the process of writing songs, as I’m seldom free just to enjoy what I create without tearing it to pieces. It also tends to make me want to give up on a song before I finish it, which is exactly why the weekly deadline is such a good thing – it forces me to finish the song no matter what i think of it. So, this week’s song I wrote and then hated the result. I recorded it anyway and today Chris sent me the recording to post on the blog, and when I listened to it, the perspective of time showed it to me in a new light and I realised it was actually a pretty good song. I was trying some interesting key changes, and maybe my initial rejection of the song was just my conservative side reacting to the slightly risky chords. Anyway, enough said, hope you like it.

47 Smoke signals

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In a moment you opened me up with a smile
Flashing light in the corners and making me feel like a child for a while
Pangs of joy, stabs of fear
Waking all my abandoned dreams of having somebody near

For too long now I
Been looking at empty skies
Alone I kindle sad smoke signals
But now I can see
There’s never been anything wrong with the sound of my song
It’s just that it needed a home in a heart that’s free

I was out of believing folded small
I got a sense of your love and I got a fright and I started to fall
Out of the window and over the wall
You found me wandering aimless and lost like a child in a shopping mall


There’s thunder somewhere under the ground
You’re fading in and I’m falling and flying and fading into your sound
I’m all shook up please don’t shake me down
In you there’s a light emanating and raising the profane to the profound


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