These are the good old days

There’s a great little documentary online called Slomo that I happened upon and found very true and inspiring. Right at the end of the movie, the guy says “these are the good old days”, which I thought was such a great line and a great idea for a song. I had the line going through my head as the final music for the movie started playing and i just started singing it over the slow music and it just felt right so I picked up my guitar and wrote the song with that same slow, epic feel. I think this could be great with the right production – not really sure it’s meant for just guitar and voice. Hope you like it.

46 These are the good old days

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These are the good old days
In next to no time, they’re gonna be on their way
Don’t let this moment just slip away
And leave you longing for
The good old days

These are the good old days
Ask any old man, I bet he’ll say
Don’t sit around waiting, get out and do
The things you really want to
In these good old days

These are the good old days
I’m going to find a way
To really live today
To notice things you say
To find the time to play
And hang out in cafés
To breathe the earth’s bouquet
And taste the salty spray
To notice tiny things
Like how the white-eye sings
The smell the rain wind brings
The taste of nectarines
Find time for wandering
Out where the silence rings

These are the good old days
Untouched by time’s forgetful gaze
Life’s lived in moments, not memories
So please take notice of
These good old days

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