Week 45: In the Grooves of my Mind

A dreamy song – with words that just spilled out of me one day, with no particular agenda. I was just enjoying the strange rhythm of the picking pattern and the new chords I’d discovered and decided to let the words go wherever they felt like going. And then the chorus suddenly became about longing for someone to come and blow me out of my ruts and repetitive thoughts – and maybe the song itself was the thing that I was hoping could do that, with it’s strange dreamy feeling. Maybe that’s what the creative process is all about, finding new ideas to jump you out of your ruts.

      Week 45 In the Grooves of my Mind - Simon Van Gend

45 In the grooves of my mind
Living on unashamed
Live life like a game
Tap into the right side of your brain
Have a seat on the sand
Lovelight on demand
All your little blocks dream them away

In the grooves of my mind
I just cause erosion
Won’t you bring your stormwind to
Lift me and blow me away

Drifting on like a boat
Fade out like a note
Fade into the moment once again
Memories in the sun
Back when all was one
No catch or detached chatterbrain


Not much could equal
This movie’s prequel
Still we must watch right to the end
Fate will awake you
Upend your horseshoe
Scatter your luck out in the wind
who’s to know where we go sleepy eyes dream the end

Through the memory maze
Echoes of my days
Rocks knock in the river in the rain
There’s a light on the shore
Fish flaps on the floor
Dumbstruck underneath the milky way


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