Week 42: Like little fleas

Don’t ask me what all this means – one of those songs where I just allowed stuff to bubble to the surface and whenever something good popped up I’d add it to the lyrics. It’s an elusive thing – sometimes it seems so easy, but other times I can’t seem to access that mode of writing and it can become very frustrating. I guess it’s about learning to trust my unconscious and understanding that what seems like nonsense is sometimes really rich with meaning, even though it might take a psychoanalyst to work out what that meaning is.

42 Like little fleas
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I sold my meanest face and all the wasted time for bags of nothing
I love the way you fold your grace and lay the roast deep in the oven
And don’t be such a ghost who coasts alone and lost from all my loving
It only takes a wish or two at most to push you back to buzzing

Each day I wake amazed at what my mind has raised in lazy dreaming
It casts a frazzled light across the day and colours it with feeling
I didn’t mean to fall away from all your silver starlight streaming
But it only takes a wish or two at most to push me back to beaming

Like little fleas we ride on the back of a dog
And the dog’s chasing a bird who’s chasing the sun
And the sun is sinking down down down
Even the one who rules the world
Is only a speck on a tiny rock
Near a tiny star on the edge of a galaxy
that’s one of billions and billions

And far along the road where love has gone you’ll see a thin man plodding
And where his horses felt they had enough and fell you’ll find him flogging
The thinnest wedge of fear can take you far from here and leave you longing
But it only takes a wish or two at most to push you back towards belonging


It doesn’t matter how you feel about what you’ve done right
Or wrong or what you said to whom and when
Cause at the end of every day the sun still goes down down down

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