Week 40: Good to be home

Actually wrote this song just after I came back from America and had it on the backburner a while. While America was a great experience, I seemed to get really out of touch with the part of myself that the songs come from – all the rushing around and filling myself up with experiences left me very little time to know what I was really feeling. After I came home, it took me about two weeks before I felt settled again, and during that time I wrote a bunch of songs which somehow lacked some essential energy, and which I ended up ditching. This was written just as I was coming out of that phase, kind of reflecting on the process, and while I personally think it still suffers a little from that lack of energy, it’s an honest song about where the energy went and what I had to do to find it again.

40 Good to be home
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It feels so good to be home
Empty my mind and fill up my soul
Lay myself down on the floor
Gather up my dreams washed up on the shore

Got the key to the heart of me and so
I go down to the catacombs where
Epiphanies like galaxies
And summer breezes wait for me

I’m sinking into my zone
Put the kettle on, turn off the telephone
I’ve been so up in the air
Moving so fast, going nowhere


Great to be out in the world
Gathering my wisdom’s shiny new pearls
But now my head is so full
Gotta sort the truth from all the cock and bull


I’m better lonely alone
than in the crowd just another unknown
so tired of trying to protect
myself from all this failure to connect


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