Week 38: Lonely is only a word

This is actually the second attempt to write a song based on the guitar part in the verse, which I came up with a few months ago and wrote a whole song to, which I didn’t like much, but felt something needed to be done with the guitar part, so had another go and am much happier with this result. I didn’t really know what it was about until I stumbled on the chorus, via my usual method of singing nonsense until meaning emerges. A bit like fishing.

38 Lonely is only a word
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We do the right we do the wrong we do our best when we’re all out of luck
We find a way to fade away the ache when it’s deep in our guts
The ticking of the mind beyond the borderline out gracing the grey
Breathe it in, breathe it out, fade it away

Sad is only a name
For all that leaves and never comes again
And lonely is only a word
For things that only you know only you know only you know
And please tell me why, we must fly, say that long, long, lonely goodbye

Driven by the weight all that I can take I fight my way on
Facing down the hate I fabricate a lake to sail away on
I wouldn’t waste the time to try to change the mind locked in this head
Roll down the window and love me instead


Later in the week I found a way to speak and then I felt strong
But something in the way you moved the light away made me feel wrong
Somewhere in the dawn we lay upon the lawn and felt we were one
But just for a moment and then we moved on


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