Week 37: Anxiety

What got me going on this one was the rhythm of the guitar part you hear in the verses – I think it’s 7/8. It had me hypnotised for a few hours, while I mumbled words, trying to find lines that fit this strange pattern. Slowly meanings started to emerge from the nonsense and, over the course of a couple of days the whole thing slowly came together. I’m really happy with this one – a strong contender I think for next year’s album. I recently put new strings on my Martin and it’s sounding really great here, especially with Chris Tuck‘s amazing recording and production skills – worth listening on headphones if you have.

37 Anxiety
If the soundloud file won’t play, click here


I did all I could do
To be like the wind
To blow a hole in the heart of all that
Makes me think I’ve sinned

I’ve lived deep in the wrong
I took all I could take
I never thought I’d be naked baking
Shame deep in the cake

Hurt left an echo in my brain
Sweet watermelon summer stain

Tiny worries bloom inside of me
I lie awake and watch the coastguard lying lost at sea
If you find her send her back to me
I couldn’t see her through these layers of anxiety

I never wanted a lot
Just the freedom to feel
To let the love of a summer evening
Fill me with its zeal

To stand proud in the world
To laugh hard at the fear
To catapult my emotions far and
Wide and high an clear

Hurt wove an aching in my bones
Those tiny lines drew me alone


It’s not easy to see
Back to when it began
I try so hard to remember but I
Can’t see who I am

I try so hard to be cool
To be easy and free
To be the kind of compadre that might
Bring her back to me

Hurt left it’s patterns on my soul
These things are way beyond control


2 thoughts on “Week 37: Anxiety

  1. Stumbled on this by reddit and said, “why the fuck not, it’s my day off work.” Man, this song plowed through me, great job. Strangely encapsulated how anxiety feels for me in a mellow way. Makes me want to pick up guitar just to spend time piecing together things like this.

    Some input: end singing the word anxiety at the end of the chorus with a lower note, maybe make the whole line dip down a little at the end. It seems to end on an upbeat a bit when it feels like it should end lower to me. Also, try less echo in the vocals, maybe I’m wrong, but a lot of times, that vocal fade seems artsy, but I think crispness at the end of words are more honest. I’m trying to be constructive, but I hope this doesn’t give you more anxiety. I have no musical talent, so obviously take a grain of salt.

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