Week 40: Good to be home

Actually wrote this song just after I came back from America and had it on the backburner a while. While America was a great experience, I seemed to get really out of touch with the part of myself that the songs come from – all the rushing around and filling myself up with experiences left me very little time to know what I was really feeling. After I came home, it took me about two weeks before I felt settled again, and during that time I wrote a bunch of songs which somehow lacked some essential energy, and which I ended up ditching. This was written just as I was coming out of that phase, kind of reflecting on the process, and while I personally think it still suffers a little from that lack of energy, it’s an honest song about where the energy went and what I had to do to find it again.

40 Good to be home
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It feels so good to be home
Empty my mind and fill up my soul
Lay myself down on the floor
Gather up my dreams washed up on the shore

Got the key to the heart of me and so
I go down to the catacombs where
Epiphanies like galaxies
And summer breezes wait for me

I’m sinking into my zone
Put the kettle on, turn off the telephone
I’ve been so up in the air
Moving so fast, going nowhere


Great to be out in the world
Gathering my wisdom’s shiny new pearls
But now my head is so full
Gotta sort the truth from all the cock and bull


I’m better lonely alone
than in the crowd just another unknown
so tired of trying to protect
myself from all this failure to connect


Week 39: Wash over the world

A song to help me and hopefully others too, to find the time and space to sink into our feelings, and stir them up a bit and let them out. For whatever reason, I feel so much pressure not to feel what’s inside, to run into the thousand little things that we find to distract us every day, to stay focused on getting ahead, earning money, becoming something more to impress the world. But the only time I ever seem to find what I’m really looking for is when I turn inwards and go diving into my feelings. Enjoy.

39 Wash over the world
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Turn up the evening don’t speak of leaving come listen I wrote you this song
All about dreaming and searching and feeling and crying for all that is gone
So tumble in to everything that gets you out and lets me in and reminds us of all that we are
Let’s shake these shadows lets fill the hollows with
Beautiful sorrows lets wallow in feelings
Bursting wide open and breaking through ceilings
Let’s open the floodgates and let it wash over the world

Some days I wake up I stare at my teacup and I’m aching and I don’t know why
It creeps through my life like a wolf in the moonlight howling away at the sky
I fade it out, I fade it in, I see it fall and rise again, a shadow on all that I see
And when it gets too much for me I let it win I set it free
With beautiful sorrows I wallow in feelings
Bursting wide open and breaking through ceilings
I open the floodgates and let it wash over the world

Sometimes I get so alone
like ET when he couldn’t phone home
Let’s ride our bikes through the sky
Up where the moon is, that’s where we’ll fly

Here comes the moonrise take off your disguise that only makes you more alone
Here in my garden all shame is pardoned and hardened ideas turn to foam
Let’s dive in the river that loves to deliver to those with the courage to swim
Let’s drift on emotion right down to the ocean
On beautiful sorrows let’s wallow in feelings
Bursting wide open and breaking through ceilings
Let’s open the floodgates and let it wash over the world
Let’s open the floodgates and let it wash over the world

Week 38: Lonely is only a word

This is actually the second attempt to write a song based on the guitar part in the verse, which I came up with a few months ago and wrote a whole song to, which I didn’t like much, but felt something needed to be done with the guitar part, so had another go and am much happier with this result. I didn’t really know what it was about until I stumbled on the chorus, via my usual method of singing nonsense until meaning emerges. A bit like fishing.

38 Lonely is only a word
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We do the right we do the wrong we do our best when we’re all out of luck
We find a way to fade away the ache when it’s deep in our guts
The ticking of the mind beyond the borderline out gracing the grey
Breathe it in, breathe it out, fade it away

Sad is only a name
For all that leaves and never comes again
And lonely is only a word
For things that only you know only you know only you know
And please tell me why, we must fly, say that long, long, lonely goodbye

Driven by the weight all that I can take I fight my way on
Facing down the hate I fabricate a lake to sail away on
I wouldn’t waste the time to try to change the mind locked in this head
Roll down the window and love me instead


Later in the week I found a way to speak and then I felt strong
But something in the way you moved the light away made me feel wrong
Somewhere in the dawn we lay upon the lawn and felt we were one
But just for a moment and then we moved on


Week 37: Anxiety

What got me going on this one was the rhythm of the guitar part you hear in the verses – I think it’s 7/8. It had me hypnotised for a few hours, while I mumbled words, trying to find lines that fit this strange pattern. Slowly meanings started to emerge from the nonsense and, over the course of a couple of days the whole thing slowly came together. I’m really happy with this one – a strong contender I think for next year’s album. I recently put new strings on my Martin and it’s sounding really great here, especially with Chris Tuck‘s amazing recording and production skills – worth listening on headphones if you have.

37 Anxiety
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I did all I could do
To be like the wind
To blow a hole in the heart of all that
Makes me think I’ve sinned

I’ve lived deep in the wrong
I took all I could take
I never thought I’d be naked baking
Shame deep in the cake

Hurt left an echo in my brain
Sweet watermelon summer stain

Tiny worries bloom inside of me
I lie awake and watch the coastguard lying lost at sea
If you find her send her back to me
I couldn’t see her through these layers of anxiety

I never wanted a lot
Just the freedom to feel
To let the love of a summer evening
Fill me with its zeal

To stand proud in the world
To laugh hard at the fear
To catapult my emotions far and
Wide and high an clear

Hurt wove an aching in my bones
Those tiny lines drew me alone


It’s not easy to see
Back to when it began
I try so hard to remember but I
Can’t see who I am

I try so hard to be cool
To be easy and free
To be the kind of compadre that might
Bring her back to me

Hurt left it’s patterns on my soul
These things are way beyond control