Week 31: Coulda mighta shoulda

Here’s another environmental song – sung by my great great great grandson, living in a biodome in Greenland in the 22nd century, surrounded by a ruined planet, wondering why we didn’t do more to stop the catastrophe that we could see unfolding around us. Once I had the concept, the song was fairly straightforward to write, it just involved doing a bit of googling to get an idea of what the planet might be like in 100 years’ time given the projections of climate scientists. Enjoy!

31 Coulda mighta shoulda
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My name is Tim, I’m 23, you’re my great great great grandaddy
I live in Greenland in a dome of glass
In the 22nd century, I’m part of community
Descended from the wealthy ruling class
I’ve read of how it used to be before the slow catastrophe
Before the sea got sick and the forests died
Did you understand how good you had it then? I hope you could
When fields were green and skies were blue and wide

You coulda mighta shoulda
How I wish you woulda
Taken better heed of all the
Signs screaming at you about the state of our home
The scientists were saying no
But still you wouldn’t stop the show
You acted like you didn’t know
You saw the levees overflow
You saw the coral reefs turn white as bone

A hundred million refugees are running from the rising seas
Now that Manhattan’s more than 4 feet deep
Remember when the ice sheets fell you carried on like all was well
Now it’s high tide on 47th street


Now I guess I’m in the lucky few who had the means to make it through
And find our refuge in this biodome
And so we have the means to eat and synthesise our slabs of meat
And keep the hungry hordes out where they roam

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  1. I just discovered your music today and have been listening all morning to your ‘song a week’. Wow, I am blown away, love your lyrics, emotion and sound. I cant wait to hear more

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