Week 29: Plastic Island

My first environmental song. I was listening to a podcast where they were discussing the dying out of a species of microscopic snail that was a component of the plankton at the bottom of the food chain, a dying out brought on by a half-degree rise in sea temperature, and the scientist being interviewed was saying that this is just the beginning of the catastrophe that climate change was slowly causing. Scientists have been warning us for decades about this, but nobody seems to take much notice. Well, I figured if there’s one thing I can do to make a tiny difference to this situation, it would be to write a song about it.

29 Plastic island
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Now that we’ve got more than we have ever had before
Seems all we can think about is how to get some more
The squirrel puts its acorns in a hole inside a tree
While the humans build an island out of plastic in the sea

It was a helluva time I had yesterday at the mall
I tried so hard to keep my eye on the ball
But by the time I had found what I went there for
I’d spent all my money on god knows what all


The price is too high I heard someone complain
For a thing that would astound a caveman’s brain
Constructed in china where children are cheap
Only to end up on some stinking heap


Like overfed grubs in fast food chains
Feeding our faces to forget all the pain
That we think we can fix with a serving of fries
But the thing that we need no money can buy


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