Week 27: Love love I love you

I started out this one with a chord and a rhythm and decided to see how far I could go with just one chord. I’ve noticed this in a lot of African music – sometimes the song spends ages on one chord, and then when a change comes, it has such an impact. So the verses are just a C chord with the bottom two fingers hammering on the notes with every 2nd beat, and it’s up to the melody and lyrics to create the interest. It’s probably one of the strangest songs I’ve ever written, and really does sound better with drums behind it. I think this one could sound really great if produced in the right way.

27 Love love love I love you
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We get high out in the sun in the summer
And we get lost in love with another
We fill up our souls with smells and with sounds
We gather up the pieces and we
Pull them all around us and we offer them as gifts to each other

We go out into the world with a hunger
For something with a name we can’t remember
We gotta make do with whatever we find
We pick it up and shape it into
something like the thing that we thought was the thing that we wanted

All we ever had was love was love was love was love was love
Love love love love love love love love
I love you I love you I love you I love you …

And we fill our empty lives with our feelings
And we fight with our words to make meaning
We set it on fire and we douse it with storms
We lie awake beneath the stars
And we gather up our stories and we offer them as gifts to each other


Warm is the sun in the winter
Sweet is the dream that you’re into
But cold as ice is the ground where you go
After all the fighting to be
Something in the face of all the nothing


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