Week 26: After therapy

Sometimes after therapy or whenever I’ve been feeling a lot of intense feelings, like for example if I’ve been moved to tears by something, I always notice how much more alive I feel for a while – as if the emotion has cleared out some blockage in me that allows my senses to come alive. For me emotion is the antidote to depression, which is why I go to therapy, to open up all these blocked emotional channels, hopefully in a deep and lasting way that will help me to be generally more alive. So anyway, I wrote this song after therapy, when I was feeling really alive, just celebrating that feeling really.

My thoughts on being halfway through the year of songs:
a) woohoo
b) how the hell am I going to write another 26 songs?

26 After therapy
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Everything is jumping at me
All the colours thrive in the sun
Every little scent’s alive now
Coffee grounds and cinnamon buns

Suddenly the thoughts I’m thinking
Seem to me to be wise or profound
All the girls in the supermarket
Seem to be happy I’m around

After therapy and sometimes when I’ve been crying or thinking I might be in love
I get a little taste of freedom, just enough to make it clear that all I have here might just be enough

Everything that just this morning
Seemed to be a minor tragedy
Seems a part of some great story
Or a theme in some great symphony

The music I hear while I drive
Touches some forgotten part of me
My ipod can do no wrong
Tingling all down my vertebrae


Too bad the feelings crest
For just a while a day at best
And then my sorry life meanders slowly on
But slowly there’s a deepening
A shifting and a sweetening
And a creeping in to where I might belong

Kettle’s on the kitchen is calm
I settle into my dreamiest thoughts
Not afraid of things that only
Yesterday were anxious and fraught

Every chord on my guitar now
Stirring up a richness in me
I could strum these chords for hours
Resonating all I can be


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