Week 23: What’s up with my radio?

I gave up on listening to the radio a few years ago. When I was in high school, we loved the radio. It seems the music on the radio was better back then, when DJ’s could play what they felt like playing, instead of having to play the same billboard-based playlist over and over. I have a clear memory of hearing John Lennon’s hit Nobody told me on Radio 5 when I was about 12. And who remembers staying up late to hear Chris Prior’s show? Now when I turn on the radio I usually end up getting angry. Luckily there are great podcasts which have become the new radio for me – my favourite for finding great new music is NPR’s All songs considered.

23 What's up with my radio
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I can still remember my very first time
In the backseat out somewhere for a drive
Liberated by music, sweet and sublime
John Lennon on radio 5

Sitting my bedroom completely absorbed
Hoping I might hear that song again
I got it on my tape deck, DJ and all
Next day at school I played it to my friends

But now I turn my dial searching in vain
For just one song to settle my brain
What’s up with my radio,
Where’d my favourite DJ go,
All those songs I used to know
And all those feelings?
Songs that set me free to roam
In the crowd or all alone
Songs that gave my heart a home
And set me dreaming
Oh, where did those days go?

Then we got little older, new feelings so strange
But there were songs to guide us through that fog
Began to dig a little deeper at the record exchange
For guys with names like Neil, Paul and Bob

One day we decided we might get more girls
If we bought guitars and learned to sing those songs
It didn’t take a long time before I was lost in that world
A world where all my feelings belonged


Stepping into our twenties, that fork in the road
That led us far away from our homes
But any time I got a feeling I couldn’t handle my load
Songs were there to make me less alone

It’s a special kind of magic, something’s got you depressed
You thought maybe you were the only one
I bet it’s in a song somewhere, perfectly expressed
The lonely singer sings for everyone


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