Week 22: Soft light shine

This week’s song is suspiciously hopeful and positive – not sure what got into me – apologies to those who’ve come to expect doom and gloom in these reports from the frontline of my psyche. I had an insight one night in bed, that there is a gentle goodness in me that I just need to let be – it’s not necessary to push myself to be Mr Fantastico all the time, or to work constantly to improve myself – all I have to do is let that soft light shine. How’s that for positive and hopeful? That got me buzzing along gently for a while, and this song came out of that feeling. It has a kind of African feel in the guitar, which is nice for a change I think. Hope you like it.

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22 Soft light shine


Beautiful people bombard me from billboards
And rock stars and movie stars schmooze on TV
Compared to that fantasy landscape it feels like
I’m living in Losersville trudging through my drudgery

But I know a candle’s soft light
Can be seen for more than a mile in the night
So I’ll take this candle of mine
And let my soft light shine
No need to be an inferno
Let your soft light shine

Volumes are written by self-help professionals
Who promise to graciously give me the key
12 easy steps to unlock my potential
And rocket me out of my complete inadequacy


You really don’t need to be as clever as Einstein
Or calm as the Buddha or kind as Gandhi
Or pushing the limit like you’re Jimi Hendrix
Or punching them out like Muhammad Ali


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