Week 19: Tantalise Me

Another song I’ve had in my head for a while, with no words, just the opening line. I sat down one afternoon and just let the words come without thinking too hard about them – not aiming at a specific meaning, just floating on the nostalgic feelings that the melody and that first line conjured up. A good song for staring off into the distance and dreaming too, I think. Look ma, no chorus.

      Tantalise me - Simon Van Gend

19 Tantalise me
Tantalise me with memories of summery watery power
Days of glory with years of my feelings compressed in an hour
Though we tried to hold back every moment of every day
We could not keep from rushing on to where the future lay

Fleeting moments where memories spill into light for a while
Doesn’t help you go chasing the thought that gives rise to the smile
Every feeling comes and goes it’s no use asking why
It’s no use you go chasing birds sit back and watch them fly

Please remind me to let you imagine the stories I’ll tell
I can only hope that you’ve lived through these feelings as well
Maybe all we do is search for glimpses of our souls
In every story every movie everything we’re told

When I’m crying, it’s joy at remembering where I belong
And when I’m laughing, it’s joy at forgetting the ground that I’m on
Somewhere someone told me that you’ve got to work to be free
But deeper in me I know I must just let myself be

3 thoughts on “Week 19: Tantalise Me

  1. I love this song and having heard it being performed live in Grahamstown earlier this year makes it really special and a bit sentimental for me. It’s such a calm and mellow song, and yes it is the perfect song to daydream too.
    Thank you for the great music guys 🙂

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