Week 18: Vitamin X

This is a song I’ve had floating around for a while and couldn’t finish. Now it’s finished. Yay! That’s what deadlines are good for. This could almost be a children’s song. Playful but serious too. A great one to play with the band. Looking forward to recording a band version of this, if it makes it onto the next album – lots of competition though, all these songs are going to be pushing and shoving to try to make the final cut – only the strongest will survive. That’s nature for you. Wow I have a lot of songs now. Look at me go! By the way, it’s all rather stressful, writing a song every week, so I hope you’re appreciating it, but hey, we all have to work in this world, why should musicians get to goof off? Exactly! Enjoy …

      Vitamin X - Simon Van Gend

18 Vitamin X

I’ve got a million nerves
Serving me up what I deserve
You swerve right and I swerve left
I spin round at your behest

And all the things I could’ve said
Read like books inside my head
Don’t you love the way I sway
Seasick starbound sail away

Vitamin A I love the way
You help me see the light of day
Vitamin C up in the tree
We love the fruit that grows for free
Vitamin D the yellow sun
Shining down on everyone
Still I feel a little perplexed
Think I might need a little Vitamin X

Causes great and causes small
Give me pause and make me stall
Kick me loose to free the next
From what has not happened yet

Juggle me up and juggle me down
Coddle me deep in your eiderdown
Spare a thought for the big idea
That won’t let any feelings near


Some days I couldn’t give a hoot
I pull myself up by the roots
Fling myself across the day
I don’t mind the things I say

But sometimes everything grinds back in
I get lost in wondering
Who’s to crawl and who’s to fly
Who’s to laugh and who’s to cry


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