Week 16: Bottled in a Scenic

Last year in September we went on tour in my Renault Scenic. It snugly fits the three band members and all our gear. This song tells the story. It was fun to write – somehow it’s easier to write a song when there is already a story to tell. Nice to have something light and breezy in the repertoire too. Enjoy.

      Bottled in a Scenic - Simon Van Gend

16 Bottled in a Scenic


Waking at dawn, packing the gear
September tour, a nip in the air
Stop at the toll, digging for change
Snowy Cape-fold mountain range

Got to be quick, so far to go
A 12 hour drive to our first show
Do you remember the Laingsburg flood?
This whole town was buried in mud

Bottled in a Scenic like a bullet on the big road
We got a chicken in a bag and bottle of flat Coke
When the feelings are bad and the car’s too small
We find a way to laugh at it all
(My mistake oh come let’s shake your point of view’s the one I’ll take)

Back in the car, feeling the vibe
Last night’s crowd was a long-lost tribe
Looping around the back of the ’Burg
So many trucks headed for Durbs

We’re gonna be late, what’s the name of this town?
Dammit the map was upside down
Finally there, minutes to spare
Feel the love in the festival air

(Sorry man didn’t mean to flip it’s not important please pass the chips)

We while away the hours on the road
Telling ourselves stories that we’ve never told
Each of us carrying our load
Of untold stories

We learned our lesson leaving KZN
We went straight instead of turning when
The N2 forked, so much stress
Next time use the GPS

The East Cape stretch was a hell of a drive
Dodging cows in the old Transkei
Eric told us about the day
He arrived from France and kissed the clay

(Sorry guys I apologise, hey, check the moon starting to rise)

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