Week 14: Time whizzes away

The older I get the faster time seems to go, and the more I seem to think about how fast life is going. When I was a child, life seemed endless, but with each passing year it gets more and more obvious that it’s not. Maybe this is a mid-life crisis song! Hope you like it.

Thanks again to Popular Aesthetics for the great video.

      Time whizzes away - Simon Van Gend

14 Time whizzes away


Time whizzes away
It tweaks the price of gold
It’s the thing that makes my coffee cold
It’s the thing that slowly drains the fun out of the weekend

Time whizzes away
It greened our barren sphere
And it keeps pushing up the price of beer
And it sends us from joy to despair and back again

But time is slippery stuff
When it’s good you can never have enough
But when it’s bad it inches along
And you think that the clock must be wrong
And a day that you spend watching whales
Isn’t equal to a day spent in jail
What a child lives through in a week
To an old man’s just a heartbeat

Time whizzes away
While I was preoccupied
With the nuts and bolts of getting by
It quietly snuck another ten years past me

Time whizzes away
It takes the flawless boy
And slowly saps him of his joy
And leaves him old and looking back in wonder


Time makes the perfect rose
Wilt and whither and decompose
Time makes the pumpkins grow
Tell me where did the summer go?

Time whizzes away
When you’re young you feel immune
To the feeling that your life will be over soon
But when you’re old you feel you know it too well

Time whizzes away
To the boy the old man seems
Like something he could never be
But slowly and surely life will teach him


Time whizzes away
It rides the cosmic bus
And it doesn’t give a damn about all of us
’cause we’re just specks of cosmic dust on the windscreen

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