Week 13: Lonely thing

Another mostly unpremeditated song – I just let the words tumble out and I liked them and writing it was mostly a fairly painless experience – got the whole thing down in less than an hour. I like it when songs happen this way because it feels to me like the words and the emotions are tightly connected – the feeling in the melody is the same feeling that produced the words – so melody and lyrics feel like they belong together. I imagine everyone gets lonely, even those who are in relationships and have families. We have moments of joy when we find real connection, but it seems to me that’s the exception rather than the rule. But it’s not always lonely, and sometimes it feels like life’s lonely and sometimes it doesn’t, so call it a lie or call it the truth, life’s a lonely thing.

The video for this one isn’t quite ready, it’s been promised for Monday, but the good news is that the mini-documentary that Popular Aesthetics shot is ready, so I’ve posted that below the lyrics.

      SVG Song 1 Camera - Simon Van Gend

13 Lonely thing


Dipping in the movies or staring at the wall
All of my mistakes now back to me crawl
I’m the lazy backward Sunday evening fool again

Come on settle down now no need to be extreme
Just because you’re lonely doesn’t mean that you’re mean
The way you carry on you’d think you were in some kind of pain

Call it a lie, or call it the truth, life’s a lonely thing
That’s why when we meet we feel such pleasure inside
Don’t mistake the love you fake for the real thing
The best thing we can do is try to find out where we hide

Everyone’s a loser ‘cause everything we win
Either wanders off somewhere or ends up in the bin
Maybe we get just as much love as we can stand to lose

You’re never going to fly till you learn how to fall
Absolutely nowhere is where you’ll find it all
And life’s biggest stories never make it to the evening news


Slipping to the edges looking for a sign
That A you’re going crazy or B you’re doing fine
Or none of the above and why do you ask don’t you see it’s a waste of time?

Every other weekend I dig myself a hole
Spend the better part of Saturday searching for my soul
And the better part of Sunday piecing together my puzzled mind


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