Week 12: Nobody knows

A friend was telling me about some new version of the truth she’d discovered, and it got me thinking, maybe nobody really knows anything about the big mysteries, and every time someone comes up with some new answer, it’s really just to comfort us and make us feel a little better about being unable to fathom the truth about the why the universe exists and what we’re here for.

Thanks to the lovely people at Popular Aesthetics for the videos of this and the next few weeks’ songs. They came along to the studio to film the recording session. They also came to my house to shoot a mini-documentary about the whole ‘a song a week’ thing, which they’ll be putting out next week. There is also a video coming next week of last week’s song ‘Big fat nothing’. Popular Aesthetics have a youtube channel where you can subscribe to their posts – lots of cool documentaries about interesting culture-related stuff in and around Cape Town. Enjoy!

      Nobody knows - Simon van Gend

12 Nobody knows


I don’t know why I get to feeling empty
When I’m surrounded by things I keep to make my life full
And I don’t know why I get to feeling lonely
When I’m surrounded by people that push and that pull

And I don’t know why I swear in the traffic
When most of the time I’m gentle and kind
And I don’t know why I get lost in the attic
With the whole house full of treasures to find

Nobody knows, but everyone loves
To suppose that they know, but nobody does
All of our thoughts and all of our wisdom
Are just to give us comfort as we stumble through the dark morass

And I don’t know why I keep asking these questions
When I know that the answers are not in my mind
And I don’t know why I’m constantly trying
To fix myself when I know that I’m perfectly fine

And I don’t know why I’m constantly thinking
About what I’m thinking and then about that
And I don’t know why I’m always striving
When I know what I want comes when I relax


And now we’ve got if figured out that the Earth goes round the sun
But no-one really understands why
The Universe from nothing burst and sprayed the sky with a billion suns

Sometimes I think I’ve figured out something
The reason behind all this discomfort I’m in
And then for a while you’ll see my mood brighten
But soon the confusion takes over again

Newton and Darwin made everything clearer
And everything seemed to make sense for a while
But Heisenberg threw us back into wonder
At Schroedinger’s mystical Cheschire Cat smile

… and through the thickest jungle hack and on and on into the black

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