Week 10: From the dawn into the black

      From the dawn into the black - Simon Van Gend

10 From the dawn into the black
This is my first kalimba song. The lyrics were completely un-premeditated – I just put down the words as they popped into my head, letting the song be what it wanted to be. The recording process was a little different from our usual method, as I put down the kalimba part first, then overdubbed the vocal. I was really happy when Chris sent me the mix, as I wasn’t expecting it to turn out quite this well. In case you’re wondering about the that haunting tremolo effect on the kalimba – the kalimba has a hole in the soundbox and the effect is created by moving the left thumb in and out over the hole while the right thumb plucks the metal tines, or vice versa. Have a look here to see what the kalimba looks like. Enjoy!


Its hard to hear myself above the buzz
Of all the things that this mind does
To try to catch the wind of love

I try so hard to find an opening
To maybe let forgiveness in
For all the broken things I’ve been

Time takes me further down the track
Sneaking up behind my back
From the dawn into the black

I try so hard to be what this boy felt
Would help to make the hard heart melt
And keep him from the leather belt

It seems the habits of the angry child
Have got my adult mind beguiled
Deep inside me running wild

I’m sure that everybody does their best
To overcome their load of stress
but none of us is fairly blessed

It’s luck that dishes up the love we get
And leaves the dreams of some unmet
And fills their eyes with sad regret

2 thoughts on “Week 10: From the dawn into the black

  1. It feels quite different with this recording arrangement but I don’t know if I would have realised that was what made it different if you hadn’t mentioned it. The song feels kind of distant and more introspective at the same time, to me. I like it very much.

    The tremolo effect on the kalimba is so beautiful and unusual, especially with the haunting root chord you’ve used.

    The ending with the repeated chorus felt a bit jarring and disconnected, broke the mood for me.

    • Ya, listening back again I realise you’re right, that double chorus was a little unnecessary. Will remember that for any future versions. I’m also very conscious of a slight rhythmic disconnect between the voice and the kalimba – definitely better to record the voice and the instrument simultaneously whenever possible. I think Chris felt he could get a better kalimba sound by isolating it Thanks for the feedback!

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