Week 9: Who’s to know

      Who's to know - Simon Van Gend

09 Who's to know
It seems to me people fall in love for the most random reasons, often because of things way beyond their control, only to discover years down the line that they can’t stand each other, once the drug of love has worn off. It’s very hard to know while under the influence of nature’s most powerful drive whether we’re doing the right thing or not. That’s kind of what this song is about. Cynical or realistic? I’m not too sure, but thought it made for a good song.


Stepping off the edge of Friday’s sunny afternoon
Dreamy little lies we whisper in a sleepy room
Then we wander by the water
Who’s to know who’s s’posed to fall in love with whom?

I always try to be so wise to the lies of love
But keeping up with every move can be a little too much
I try so hard to keep my guard up
But who’s to know who’s s’posed to fall in love with whom?

We throw it all away to fall
In love with somebody we hardly know at all
You’d better hope that when the fuzzy feelings end
What you’ve got is something like a friend

I got an SOS today from my lovelorn friend
She said she needed someone kind with an ear to lend
But now I feel myself falling
Who’s to know who’s s’posed to fall in love with whom?

All I ever try to do is make the love bird sing
I love the way it breathes new life into everything
But it’s song can skew my thinking
As if I’d been drinking
Who’s to know who’s s’posed to fall in love with whom?

5 thoughts on “Week 9: Who’s to know

  1. I’ve had this song in my head all weekend since I listened to it on Friday 🙂 I love the low tuning, the lazy, relaxed sort of feel and the lyrics (brilliant and expressive as usual); and I particularly love the third stanza, which feels a bit darker and quite contrasted to me. I’d say the sentiment is quite realistic, but I often wonder why falling out of love is regarded as so unacceptable. It’s surely always hurtful and traumatic for all concerned, but I think it’s also fairly natural when people grow and change. There’s a line in a Blonde Redhead song that’s always struck me as so true, starkly and simply: “I love you less now that I know you”; although I think, often one could also say, “I love you less now that I know myself (better)”. I wonder if we avoid falling out of love because it’s taboo, or because it’s a kind of loss that we fear. Both? It’s probably a whole lot more complicated than that, anyway. I suppose when it happens time and time again one can become truly cynical about it, especially on bad days! On good days, though, I still have hope that one day, good or bad, things will be just that little bit different 🙂

    • Thanks Vera that’s such great feedback. Been loving that tuning – CGDGBE. Glad you like that third stanza – it’s been worrying me, like it feels like it drifts too far from the feeling of the song and sort of lets things fall a bit, but I am overly critical always. I think we all fear loss and we all dream of some ideal relationship that will never get lost, but loss seems inevitable and I guess desiring it to be otherwise just leads to more pain.

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