Week 8: Beyond the blue beyond

      Beyond the blue beyond - Simon Van Gend

08 Beyond the blue beyond

Not too much to say about this one, except that it was written during the same burst of inspiration as the last one, although it came out with a completely different feel. A bit bluegrassy maybe. Had fun with the words. Hope you like it.


Digging down touching base
Turning round to face
What’s on the inside
Where all the secrets hide
Where all the tangled roots feed the shoots
I couldn’t give a hoot
What all the world says
About the boy who’s lost inside his head

And I don’t mind
Spend my time
Sailing on an ocean of
Superfluous emotion
because there I find
A contagious kind
Of impracticable notion
That to me’s like magic potion
That can free the vagabond
to scoot, skedaddle and abscond
Beyond the blue beyond
That’ll free the vagabond to run
Beyond the blue beyond

Wide awake 3 am
Staking out my stratagem
For dealing
with these clouds of consternated feelings
Sleep away, half the day
People say I’ve gone astray
But why not? This is the freedom that I’ve got


Edging closer to where the stranger
Feelings linger and the warning finger
Of fear’s not touching this forward thrusting
This heart combusting and this brand new trusting
Of all my love
All my crazy dreamy love


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