Week 4: Sunday evening fear

      Sunday evening fear - Simon Van Gend

04 Sunday evening fear
Still messing around with the tuning of the first three songs. (I promise I’ll change key soon.) I was inspired by a rhythm I heard watching Adamu, a local musician from Angola. I asked him to explain it to me in the break and he said it was a three-beat laid on top of a two-beat rhythm. I came home and found what I think is a way to play this on my guitar, and after messing around with it a while found myself singing the beginnings of this song. Hope you like it.


Sleeping alone on the edges I wait for the dawn
Hoping that somehow the shape of my thoughts will take form
Silently chanting this mantra as I start to fall
To be kind’s the sacredest state of them all

Sometimes I find myself wondering how things would seem
To someone I’d magically programmed to see what I’ve seen
And do what I’ve done and to know and to feel what I’ve been
Would they have dreamed up a similar scheme

The Sunday evening fear of having no one
Leads me to ponder the thing I’ve become
Was it something I said or could it be something I’ve done?
Where are the people that I should be moving among?

I feel like a Frisbee that somebody chucked on the roof
Forgotten and sun-baked and lonely and lost and aloof
If life was a movie I’d be the star of the spoof
An elaborate theory without any proof

If I was a boy I would chase you and throw you a ball
If you were a tedious talker, then I’d be a bore
If you were a sold out show I’d call the encore
If you were lost on the ocean then I’d be your shore


We compromise
Our destinies distorting
To the changing weather patterns of our fortune


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