Week 3: Everything you’ve got

      Everything you've got - Simon van Gend

03 Everything you've got
Sometimes when I’m trying to write a song and feeling stuck, I start noodling on my guitar to avoid the frustration, and often that kind of mindless playfulness gives rise to a whole new idea. That was how this song started, and the excitement of stumbling on a new song kept me going long enough to get all the verses and chorus down before bedtime. I guess it sums up how I was feeling that evening. Once again, produced by Chris Tuck. Enjoy.


You know how it feels when you’ve lost the urge
Everything you love is reduced to words
And your song feels lonely and wrong

Every night you try to contain the fear
That you’re getting older but you can’t get near
To the place you feel you belong

Settle down and rub your head and hope for something good instead
of all the fear of everything you’re not
Slide away from everything that robs you of the will to sing
And feast yourself on everything you’ve got

All that you can love is the fleeting moment
You find a way to grant yourself a little atonement
But strong is the fear that you’re wrong

Aching in the face of the disconnect
Between the things you want and the things you get
Seems prescribed that we’re dissatisfied


Do I really feel there’s someway through?
Hypnotized by little lies I do

The food in my kitchen can’t feed my hunger
Woe to the village I pillage and plunder
To feed this never-ending need

Somehow there’s river running deep between
The things we say and the things we mean
How we con and string each other along


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