Week 2: Ten-ton truck (or I’m not really here)

      Ten ton truck - Simon van Gend

02 Ten Ton Truck
This DADF#BD tuning is spawning so many song ideas. This song began while I was watching House of Cards and noodling on my guitar. Not sure what it is about that show – maybe it’s Kevin Spacey’s dark intensity, but it’s not the first time I’ve come up with a good idea while watching it. There’s also something about noodling on the guitar while watching TV that seems to be good for coming up with ideas – maybe because I’m not trying too hard, and the part of my mind that usually obstructs my creativity is otherwise occupied. Anyway, the guitar part in the first verse just popped out and that got me excited and soon I was well into writing the whole song. It’s about wishing that I didn’t need love, that I could feel fine just being totally alone, or something like that. Hope you like it.

My producer friend Chris Tuck has kindly offered to record some songs for this blog, so I spent the other evening in his studio recording this and last week’s song (which I’ve reposted). It think it’s sounding really nice and clear and full and present – a great improvement on my home-studio attempts.

Stick around and listen here, it wasn’t me I wasn’t there
Hopelessly I wait for maybes
I dig around inside my head, forgotten feelings never dead
There’s nobody now to save me

Don’t you need somebody to love?
No I just wish my heart was a ten-ton truck
That could carry me all alone
Safely down through the danger zone
And if it was up to me
I’d close my heart like an anemone
Don’t you try to poke me now
Or smooth the frown on my furrowed brow
Cause I’m not really here now anyhow

I recall a different time, I was yours and you were mine
I need to see your face now baby
if you’d be kind I wouldn’t mind to try again a second time
Leave me now or love me baby


I see you on the edges of my dreams
Out beyond the breakers on my seas
All alone I sit and wonder
In this spell you’ve put me under
Wondering how wondering why and what could’ve been

A little child inside me said, I want to take this one to bed
And there we lay like newborn gentry
I was amazed my eyes were glazed, but you were calm and unafraid
Like a river flowing gently


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