Week 1: Google song

      Google Song - Simon Van Gend

01 Google song
This week’s song started off with me and my guitar fooling around in a tuning that Derek Gripper showed me when I visited him in Greyton in December. For guitarists, it’s DADF#BD. A melody suggested itself as I played through some chords, and the line “No wonder I’m nervous, Google took a photo of the bushes outside my home” just popped out. That got me all excited and the rest of the first verse spilled out in a matter of 10 minutes or so. Love it when that happens! Then I got stuck. Over the next few days I spent an hour or two each day, just brainstorming my feelings about the internet and my relationship to it, and with the help of my rhyming dictionary and thesaurus, I managed to get it done. Hope you like it.

I’m calling it “Google song” for now, but let me know in the comments section if you have any suggestions for a better title. Also feel free to let me know what you think about the song.


No wonder I’m nervous
Google took a photo of the bushes outside my home
Are they here to serve us
Or sell us the illusion that we’re never gonna be alone?
Don’t you know the feeling hunting for the next thing
To fill up the space left by the last thing?
Everyone a piston pumping in the engine
What we really feel there’s no time to mention

And all this information doesn’t seem to change the way I feel
And everything we share is haunted by things we can’t reveal
Am I awake or half asleep and how much of this do I keep?
Am I a sheep that’s herded on by the need to belong?

But I love it, I’m hooked in
A couple more clicks and I gain another juicy fact
But I don’t gain much wisdom
And the hours that I’ve wasted are never coming back
Everything I want is somewhere on the network
If anything is broken soon I’m an expert
Jumping to the sound of a new notification
Swimming in a sea of surplus information

Totally beguiled I’m strung along for miles and miles
And I’ll do anything to hide the fact I’m broken up inside
And I waste hours I can’t afford just to pretend that I’m not bored
And I feel like I’m at the end, though I just gained another friend

I’m somehow still lonely
Even though I’ve got about a gigabyte of facebook friends
But none of them phones me
To tell me how they feel about the way we all pretend
Just the other day my internet was broken
Could not believe the fear that was awoken
Stumbled round the house bumping into feelings
Fearful of the hush and what it was revealing

19 thoughts on “Week 1: Google song

  1. Well done Simon! I like it. Fantastic idea to journal your life in music for that is what your soul knows well… I like Marc’s suggestion as a name. Any chance you can upload it with your name attached? It comes through as unknown artist.

    • thanks, I’ve reuploaded the song, this time with meta info – hopefully it will come up with my name now. Just curious, where does the name info appear when you play it, or are you able to download the track somehow?

  2. Thanks again, Simon. It really talks to how we probably all feel – this love-hate relationship with FB. BUt You’ve given yourself a hard act to follow! 🙂

    I think “Stumbled round the house bumping into feelings” is an incredibly powerful line.


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